Welcome to Dubai Leadership Summit

The Dubai Leadership Summit was initiated by the Commonwealth University and London Graduate School consortium to serve as a forum to inspire leaders, exchange ideas and opinions about practical leadership challenges, and to enable leaders to benchmark good practices. The summit is held every six months. The first summit was held in July 2010. It was a huge success as scores of leaders from Africa, Europe and Asia were in attendance. The last Dubai Leadership Summit was held from December 11-13, 2019

We introduced concurrent seminars as innovation in December, 2011. So, in addition to the Leadership Summit we had a course on Shipping Management, another one on International Trade Dynamics and Shipping, and a third course on Cyber Fraud Detection and Prevention. This led to a phenomenal increase in participation. We had over a 100 participants. Despite initial concerns that there might be problems in handling such a large number, our experience proved that the fears were unfounded. Participants rated the summit very higly. Colleagues who participated in its organisation proclaimed the summit as the best ever in the series.